About Us
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The History of S&S Stables

One October day in 1999, after Steve Craig of S&S Foxtrotters took his quarter horse on a 20-mile trail ride in Eminence, MO he faced a major dilemma. It was a challenge faced by many horsemen - how to walk when all of the muscles in your hind end and upper legs have gone on strike. Luckily, one of his riding companions offered him the use of a Foxtrotter, a breed of horse known for its smooth ride and surefootedness on the trails. He was skeptical when they assured him that it would be a completely different experience on a Foxtrotter; but he hoisted his hurting hind end into the saddle to give it a shot.

He came home to his wife Sue a changed man; raving about the experience he soon had Sue on a Foxtrotter and it didn't take long for them to purchase some riding stock. Well, over a few years they started S&S Foxtrotters and served the horse community with Foxtrotter breeding, as well has offering pasture boarding on their beautiful land adjacent to the Hillsdale Lake Horse Riding Trails .

"Farley was an amazing tour guide on the trail! We are just a couple from Columbus, Ohio looking to get out in nature on a horseback trail ride. This was perfect, everything we dreamed and more. We felt like welcome friends with him as we shared stories and enjoyed our time on the beautiful and well trained horses. We even got to foxtrot a bit! We traveled up and down the trail, through a small creek and around an
amazing lake. Thank you for the ride. It was perfect. Five stars!"